Mechanical Design and Analysis

An appBook on Mechanical Design and Analysis containing genuine calculators. First Edition (v1.01 macOS)

Mechanical Design and Analysis Tool is developed for students and practicing engineers for improving their skills and comprehension.

Mohr's Circle Stress Analysis

-Stress state to Mohr's Circle presentation by tapping on screen at any instant.

-2D Mohr's Circle Stress Analysis.

-3D Mohr's Circle Stress Analysis.

-2D transformations on Mohr's Circle and Stress State View.

-Optional sign conventions.

-Shows calculations on formula sheet

-Multiple sharing options including airport transfer, can open its pdf export file on other available applications (i.e. pdf editors).

-Saves and restores input data.

Goodman Fatigue Analysis Diagram, is prepared for fatigue strength analysis.

Calculations can be carried with either “residual stress method” or “nominal mean stress method”.

Goodman Diagram constructed automatically once all parameter are entered and intersection points are calculated and given on diagram for judgement.

Bolted Joint Analysis gives a force diagram and result of its simple calculations for a clamped system under axial external loads. It also gives basic terminology and information to have a better visibility of subjects.

Embedded calculator has a unique keypad design that enables calculating and converting at the same time.

All actions are carried on chatting style front end. All previous entries in calculator can be retrieved by pressing avatars.

Chatting Calculator features:

- A scientific calculator

- A unit converter

Working Titles:

- Improvements in pdf making and handling (completed v1.01).

- iPad version and iCloud integration

- New Chapters (Springs, Leaf Springs, Rivets, Shafts, Composites …)

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