ODE Solver

In Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE), all derivatives are with respect to single independent variable, often representing time. ODE Solver solves systems of ordinary equations with initial boundary conditions with 4th order Runge Kutta Method. It plots and lists results exporting them via email. 

All variables, x, u, and t, should be entered with "$" prefix and ODE Solver does the rest.

Example: Typical Pendulum

dx/dt = $u

du/dt= -pi()**2/4*sin($x)-0.1*$u

Following functions are available in ODE Solver:


+          add

-       subtract

*       multiply

/       divide

**        power exponentiation


sqrt() - returns the square root of the passed parameter

log() - returns the base 10 log of the passed parameter

ln() - returns the base e log of the passed parameter

exp() - returns e raised to the power of the passed parameter

The trigonometric functions:

dtor() - converts the passed parameter from degrees to radians

rtod() - converts the passed parameter from radians to degrees

sin(), cos(), tan()

Their inverses (asin, acos, atan)

Their reciprocals (csc, sec, cotan)

The reciprocals of the inverses (acsc, asec, acotan)

The hyperbolic variations of all the above functions (sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh, csch, sech, cotanh, acsch, asech, acotanh)


pi() - returns the value of π. 

pi_2() - returns the value of π/2

pi_4() - returns the value of π/4

e() - returns the value of e

Recent update:

Compatibility update for coming iOS (15+) versions.

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